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Healthy Ways for You to Lose Weight

Healthy Ways for You to Lose Weight

Maintaining a weight ideal for your height, sex, and age can help you stay healthy and reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease. As a primary care provider in Baltimore, Maryland we advocate for healthy methods to losing weight which involves a healthy diet and lifestyle.

A healthy weight loss plan boils down to three steps including:

  • Cutting back on sugars, starches, and carbohydrates

    Replace these sugars and carbohydrates with whole grains instead. This keeps your hunger levels down.

  • Eating more protein, fats, and vegetables

    These are essential for building muscle and ensuring healthy body function

  • Being physically active

    This helps you burn calories and build muscle

Other than this, make sure you are getting quality sleep as sleep deprivation can be a risk factor for binge eating and weight gain. Drinking more water can also help reduce calorie intake especially when taken before meals.

Are you in need of help in creating a healthy weight loss plan that suits you? We at Dominion HealthCare Services, Inc can provide you with personalized health care within your reach. We provide various healthcare services whether you want to get your annual flu shot or need primary care services.

Do you have anorexia, chronic pain, muscle spasms, or any similar health condition? You may also benefit from medical marijuana in Maryland.

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