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Reasons Why Your Diet Is Not Working

Reasons Why Your Diet Is Not Working

You may have tried multiple diets with the hope to lose inches off your waistline, but these diets often fail more than they do work. This does not mean that you are incapable of maintaining a healthy weight. Sometimes, you just haven’t found the right diet plan that suits you.

As a primary care provider in Baltimore, Maryland here are some of the common reasons why the previous weight-loss diets of our clients don’t work:

  • Going on a diet that is not sustainable in the long term
    Going on drastic juice cleanses, deprivation diets, and other trendy diet plans that don’t fit your lifestyle and preferences usually don’t work. You may go on them for weeks or months and then you’ll gain the weight right back.
  • Eating too few calories
    Cutting your caloric intake too low makes your body slow down its metabolic rate to hold onto any sugar and fat instead of burning it.
  • Not exercising
    Whenever you cut calories you are also losing a little muscle and fat. Muscle-building exercise is essential to a weight-loss plan as these fire up your metabolism.

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